EMS Premium Overview

EMS Premium service has been offered for 210 countries under the agreement between Korea Post and UPS, under which the delivery for a part of routes is assigned to UPS.

EMS Premium, as an upgraded service for EMS, is a business collaboration between Korea Post and UPS, an international private courier with worldwide logistics network.
Customers can use EMS Premium service at every post office in Korea for 208 countries, sending up to 70 kg of documents and merchandises through UPS network.
Contracted EMS customers and bulk mailers can be offered with discounts depending on delivery prices and item quantity. Supervisory offices of over level 5 also offer the Payment on Delivery feature, which enables addressee to pay delivery price, which is available for items destined to 145 countries, including Japan, U.S., U.K., Germany, etc.
Delivery status and tracking is updated on our webpage.
As for insured EMS Premium items, loss or damage are covered by UPS.

For more details on postage, customs clearance, tracking, terms & conditions by destination country, delivery, please visit our EMS Premium webpage ( www.emspremium.com ) or contact our call center (+82) 1588 5027.