Guidance for EMS Address Label

  • Please make sure that all data on your address label are accurate and correct. Missing or incorrect data may result in a delayed delivery or an issue in customs formalities in the destination country.
  • Item numbers starting with EE indicate documents or printed matter, while item numbers starting with EM or ES indicate merchandises, business samples, gifts, etc.
From Sender / To Addressee
Name and address of the sender and the addressee must be written accurately in English, or together with a language used in the destination country. Please fill in the contact number whenever available, as some countries return an item in case the addressee is absent, if there is no contact number on the address label.
Customs Declaration (CN23)
Please note that as for the items containing business samples or merchandises, company names of sender & addressee may help expedited customs clearance. And to facilitate customs procedure, please offer accurate data on contents (in English) and value (in USD).
Invoice should be attached outside the item by enclosing it in clear vinyl or inside the item to be checked easily during the customs process. (In some European countries, many cases are reported that items having their invoice attached outside the package are immediately cleared through the customs without opening.)
Other Guidelines
In case of damage or loss during handling process by post office, compensation limits are as below:
  • Documents & Printed matter (item number starting with EE) -> 52,500 KRW + postal charge paid by sender
  • Business samples & Merchandises (item number starting with EM -> 70,000 KRW + 7,870 KRW per kg + postal charge paid by sender
For a high-value insured item, the actual damage value within a maximum liability of the insured value will be covered regardless of the above limits. (Maximum coverage for insurance – 7,000,000 KRW)
Make sure to check prohibited item list of the destination country where you want to send your item. (In case of seizure, destruction, or return of any prohibited item, post office shall not be liable.)
Delivery days do not include public holidays of the origin & destination country. Please note that items subject to customs clearance process may take additional days for the period retained at customs office.
Please check the countries that do not deliver an item directed to a P.O. box (Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Bahrain, etc.)
In case of France, post office keeps a delivered item for four weeks after the first delivery attempt. (No notification in case contact number is absent.)
Delayed delivery due to absence of addressee, holidays, customs clearance is not covered by compensation.

For more details on size, postage, weight, customs clearance, tracking, compensation, please visit our EMS Premium webpage ( ) or contact our call center (+82) 1588 1300.