Labelling & Indication

Name and address
Addressee’s name and address should be written on the surface of the item in Roman characters and Arabic numerals in a precise and easily-recognizable manner. Address may also be written in local language of the destination country where available. Destination province/city name, along with the country name, shall be written in capital letters, together with zip code or delivery area code if possible.
To facilitate automatic reading process, no space is allowed between letters of a single word and between lines of the destination and other elements. No underline for destination country, state/city, and zip code.
Sender’s name and address should be written on the surface of the item, along with zip code or delivery area code where available. This address should be placed on the left top of the envelope’s address side.
Addressee’s and sender’s address should be written in English and local language of the destination country. And the addresses should also be adequately indicated inside the item and contents if possible (for an unenclosed item, in particular).
For printed matter in mail bag, each bundle should bear the addressee’s address.
It is not allowed to write name and address with pencil. For parcels, it is recommended to enclose a copy of sender’s and addressee’s address inside the item.

Address & Name (Sample)

(발송인) Kim Min-Kyung 2-3, Jongro-gu, Seoul SEOUL 03187 Rep. of KOREA (수취인) Mr. Kim Min-Soo Room 300, Sight-seeing Hotel Honolulu, HAWAII 96817 U.S.A.
Labelling & Indication
Except defined otherwise in regulations, any instruction or indication for the item shall be situated on the item’s address side, below the sender’s name and address on the left top, if possible. Such instructions shall be written in French or the language generally used in the destination country, and along with translated version in the origin country if available. Any label or indication that can be possibly misunderstood with stamp or instruction for the item shall not be attached or printed on the address side. The same also applies for a stamp marking that can be misled to a price stamp.
For an item packed with a wrapper, the addressee’s address shall be written on the wrapper in any case.
Envelopes with red and blue stripes on the edges shall be only used for airmail.
Poste restante items shall bear the addressee’s name and city, and post office name, if possible, that will distribute the item. The indication ‘Poste restante’ shall be in bold letters. The item is not allowed to bear abbreviations, numbers, name without surname, assumed name, or any type of codes.
On printed papers, the addressee’s name may, exceptionally, be followed by the indication “or occupant,” in French or a language accepted by the country of destination.
The envelope or wrapping may bear only one sender’s address, and one addressee’s address. In the case of bulk postings, the sender’s address must be visible on the outside of the item and located in the country of posting of the item.
No manner of item shall be admitted of which the whole or part of the address side has been marked off into several divisions intended to provide for successive addresses.

Indication for Item Type (Sample)

Indication for Item Type (Sample)
Type Indication Note
English French
Letter LETTER LETTER Optional
Postcard POSTCARD CARTE POSTALE Optional for privately-manufactured postcards
Printed matter PRINTED PAPERS IMPRIME Mandatory
Item for the blind Indication should be attached as defined in Article 112 of
Universal Postal Convention Letter-post Regulations
Small packet SMALL PACKET PETIT PAQUET Mandatory

Korean addresses in English

Korean addresses in English
Korean English (Roman)
우편번호: 47502 부산시 연제구 법원북로 33 33, Beobwonbuk-ro, Yeonje-gu, Busan, 47502 Rep. of KOREA
Romanization of Korean for Address
Please make sure to include “Rep. of Korea” at the bottom of the address for accurate delivery of overseas-dispatched postal items destined to Korea.
Romanization rules & examples
Romanization rules & examples
Korean Romanization example
Special City,
Metropolitan City
서울특별시 Seoul
도단위의 시 (city) -si 군산시 Gunsan-si
도 (province) -do 강원도 Gangwon-do
구 (district) -gu 구로구 Guro-gu
-dong 반포동 Banpo-dong
-tong 4통 4-tong
-ban 5반 5-ban
번지 표기 없음 141번지 141
-myeon 산동면 Sandong-myeon
-eup 부발읍 Bubal-eup
-ri(또는-ni) 상서리 Sangseo-ri

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