Dangerous Goods by Air

fireworks, ammunition, gunpowder, model rocket engines, and automobile air bags.
aerosols, butane lighters, butane powered curling irons, and compressed gas cylinders.
fuels, items that contain or formerly contained fuel (like used gasoline tanks), and some paints and inks, furniture varnishes, and perfumes.
Flammable Solids
flammable solids, like matches, and signal flares, substances liable to spontaneous combustion, such as oily rags or phosphorous, substances which in contact with water emit flammable gases, such as aluminum powder.
Oxidizing substances
fertilizers, bleach, and swimming pool chemicals, fibreglass repair kits and organic peroxides.
Toxic Substances
insecticides, pesticides, and mercury compounds
Infectious Substances
infectious agents, sharps, and clinical specimens.
Radioactive Materials
scientific instruments like hockey puck sized radiation sources and some consumer products like ionization chamber smoke detectors.
Corrosive Materials
wet batteries, mercury or instruments containing mercury and drain cleaners.
Miscellaneous dangerous hazardous material
magnets, dry ice, and self-inflating life-saving devices.

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