Welcome to the Korea Post. I am Kim Kee-deok, President of Korea Post.


I am Cho Hae-keun, President of Korea Post.

Since its foundation in 1884 as a modernized government institution, Korea Post has achieved continuous growth for the last 140 years owing to the unwavering support and affection from the people.

Based on our nationwide 3,300 post offices and logistics & financial network, all of our 43,000 officials have been doing their utmost in order to serve the public with high-quality postal, savings, and insurance services.

Most of all, we are always trying hard to reach every corner of the nation to deliver warm happiness to the people’s daily lives through various efforts, such as providing welfare and administrative services to the disadvantaged people by utilizing our nationwide post office network.

In addition, we also embrace future opportunities in our business to keep advancing our services for customers by applying cutting -edge digital innovation technologies across our postal & financial business.

As we have done so far, all of our staff will keep working hard to realize a “Brand-new Korea Post innovating with the people.” We are asking for your continuous support and affection towards us in order for Korea Post to remain as a beloved government institution alongside with the public.

Thank you very much.

President Korea Post
Cho Hae-keun