Size & Weight

Letter-post Items
Size & Weight Requirements for Letter-post Items (Letter-post Regulations Article 203)
Size & Weight Requirements for Letter-post Items (Letter-post Regulations Article 203)
Type Maximum Weight Maximum Size Minimum Size
Letter 2 kg
  • Rectangular form:
    Greatest dimension = 600mm
    Length + Width + Depth = 900mm
  • Roll form:
    Greatest dimension = 900mm
    Length + twice the diameter =1,040mm
  • Rectangular form:
  • Roll form:
    Greatest dimension = 100mm
    Length + twice the diameter =170mm
Printed matter 5 kg
Items for the blind 7 kg Same as above Same as above
Small packet 2 kg Same as above Same as above
Postcard - 120mm×235mm 90mm×140mm
Aerogram 5 g 110mm×220mm 90mm×140mm
Standardized items
Maximum thickness: 5mm
Weight: Under 20g
Form: Rectangular form, and the length shall be not less than width multiplied by 1.4
Dimensions: Minimum 90mm×140mm (tolerance 2mm), Maximum 120mm×235mm (tolerance 2mm)
Letters shall be closed by completely sticking down the sealing flap of the envelope and the address shall be written on the plain side of the envelope which is not provided with the sealing flap.
The address shall be written in a rectangular area situated at least:
  • (1) 40mm from the top edge of the envelope (tolerance 2mm);
  • (2) 15mm from the right-hand edge;
  • (3) 15mm from the bottom edge;
  • (4) not more than 140mm from the right-hand edge
Items in card form up to 120×235mm in size may be accepted as standardized items provided they are made of cardboard heavy enough to be sufficiently stiff to withstand processing without difficulty.
The following items shall not be considered standardized:
  • folded cards;
  • items closed by means of staples, metal eyelets or hook fastenings;
  • punched cards sent unenclosed;
  • items whose envelopes are made of material which has fundamentally different physical properties from paper (except from the material used for making the panel of window envelopes);
  • items containing articles causing protrusions;
  • folded items sent unenclosed (without an envelope) which is not rigid enough for mechanical processing
Items in envelopes with a transparent address panel shall be admissible on the following conditions (Letter-post Regulations Article 17-110):
  • he panel shall be situated on the plain side of the envelope which is not provided with the closing flap.
  • The panel shall be made of such a material and in such a way that the address can be easily read through it.
  • The panel shall be rectangular. its greatest dimension shall be parallel to the length of the envelope. The address of the addressee shall appear in the same direction. However, concerning C 4 format(229×324mm) items or similar formats, designated operators may allow the transparent panel to be placed transversely in such a way that its greatest dimension is parallel to the width of the envelope.
  • All the edges of the panel shall be precisely stuck down on the inside edges of the opening in the envelope. For this purpose there shall be an adequate space between the side and bottom edges of the envelope and those of the panel.
  • The addressee’s address shall be the only thing visible through the panel or, at the very least, shall stand out clearly from any other indications visible through the panel.
  • The panel shall be placed so as to leave enough room for the application of the date-stamp.
  • The contents of the item shall be folded in such a way that the address remains fully visible through the panel even if the contents shift inside the envelope.
  • Items in envelopes which are wholly transparent may be admitted if the surface of the envelope is constructed in such a way as to create no difficulties in mail handling. A label having sufficient space for showing the address of the addressee, prepayment and service instructions must be firmly attached to the outer surface of the item. Items in envelopes which have an open panel shall not be admitted.
  • Designated operators of origin may admit envelopes which have two or more transparent panels.
Parcel-post Items
Size and weight requirements for parcel-post items vary by country. Please check in advance the detailed requirements and prices of the destination country for international mail (Though, the size of a parcel-post item shall not be less than minimum dimension of letter-post items).

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