Investigation Inquiries

For international mail item, sender or addressee can make a request for investigation on whereabouts of the item to notified with the investigation results. When the results confirms loss or damage of the item caused by the handling process of post office and the item is subject to compensation, post office shall offer compensation upon the request by sender or addressee. As such, the investigation process is directly linked to compensation issues.
Major features
Items categories subject to investigation inquiries are registered mail, parcel mail, recorded mail, and EMS.
Any inquiry for investigation shall be filed within six months (four months for EMS items) from the next day of dispatch.
Methods of investigation vary; via ordinary airmail, facsimile, EMS mail, and computer device.
The claimant for investigation inquiries shall be the sender or the addressee.
Inquiries for investigation can be made from not only origin country and destination country but also the third country.
Surcharge for investigation inquiries
  • By airmail: Free of charge
  • By facsimile: Facsimile transmission fee
  • By EMS: EMS postage charge
  • As for items sent with the notice of delivery service, if the sender fails to receive the notice of delivery within a certain period, he/she can file requests for investigation for free of charge.
Admission & dispatch of request documents
Service procedure of post office accepting request documents
Types of request documents
  • Recorded delivery mail, registered mail, parcel: Standard form for requesting whereabouts of international mail (CN 08)
  • EMS: Request form for investigation specialized in EMS service
The claimant shall complete request documents with accurate information on the following details:
  • Reason of request
  • Item type, Postage number (only for relevant items), Weight, Supplement services
  • Addresses and names of sender & addressee
  • Postage date, name of origin office
  • Contents and packing details (specific details on envelope, box, color or packing paper, etc.)
  • Other information required for investigation process
Request documents can be completed either by computer or by handwriting (as clearly as possible)
For multiple packages from the same sender to the same addressee using the same post office and transportation (surface or air), investigation inquiries can be made in one document. However, for mixed dispatch of ordinary parcels in different types or insured parcels, requests should be made in separate documentation.
It is advised to accompany the copy of proof of postage (address label) with request documents.
Investigation inquiries for items dispatched from foreign country
As for investigation inquiries for items dispatched from a foreign country, CN 08 documentation is required. The post office accepting the request document will pass it to the International Post Office to be sent to the origin office of the item. However, if the related regional office asks to hand over the document to central regional office or other specific post office, the document will be processed by following the request.

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