Request for Refund

In case that post office fails to offer proper services corresponding to customer-paid charge, the entire or part of the charge may be refunded within the defined scope upon customer’s request.
International Postal Regulation Article 36 (Refund of International Postal Charges)
(1) A sender may request to Minister of Science and ICT a refund of international postal charges, etc. for any of the following cases:
  • 1. International postal charges, etc. excessively collected by negligence of a post office;
  • 2. Additional service surcharge, where a post office fails to provide the applicable additional service by negligence after collecting international postal charges, etc.;
  • 3. The difference between a charge for an aerogram and the minimum charge for an ordinary letter by surface mail to the relevant area, where the aerogram has been dispatched by surface mail;
  • 4. International postal charges, etc. paid by the sender but excluding any surcharge for registered or insured service, in case of loss, total theft, or total damage, etc. of a registered item, a parcel-post item, an insured registered item, or an insured parcel-post item;
  • 5. International postal charges, etc. paid by the sender-excluding the surcharge for insured service-in case of loss, theft, or damage, etc. of an express mail item or an insured express mail item;
  • 6. Surcharge for tracking investigation, where the investigation results indicate that the cause of loss, etc. of the investigated item lies in the negligence of a post office;
  • 7. International postal charges, etc. paid by the sender, where the item on which the correct name and address of its recipient is indicated has been returned by negligence of a post office;
  • 8. International postal charges, etc. paid by the sender, where a letter-post item sent to a foreign country without supplementary features has been damaged in the course of handling by a post office.
(2) If an outbound postal items, for which international postal charges, etc. were fully paid, has been returned to the sender due to an export embargo or any other event beyond control, the international postal charges, etc. deducted by the domestic postal charges and surcharge arising from its return shall be refunded at the sender's request: Provided, that the foregoing shall not apply where it is found to have been caused by an international act or gross negligence of the sender.

(3) International postal charges, etc. refundable pursuant to paragraph (1) or (2) may be paid in cash: Provided, that, where the payment was made by a credit card, etc. according to Article 10.4, the refund may be provided by the withdrawal of the transaction.

(4) Refundable charges shall be claimed within one year from the day after the date of dispatch.

(5) International postal charges, etc. for a postal item not returned as it is seized in pursuant to the regulation of the partner country or other regulations, etc. shall not be refunded.
Eligible period for filing request for refund
The right to receive refund for international postal charges shall be extinguished if the right holder does not claim the compensation for five years from the time when the authorizing document is handed to the right holder. (Budget and Accounts Act Article 96.2, Civil Code Article 166.1).

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